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Bermuda Story

Bermuda was a raw Idea at first, it was then precisely developed to match the quality need of those who demanded a luxury yet affordable appliances. It was then, that we had a clear path to step in a path to a greater objective than any other of our competitors in the industry. We put our focus mainly on what customers want not what we think is good for them, for that we had to sit again and rethink every aspect of the appliances from ground up. What you see today is the result of hours of work and effort on engineering everything to the smallest inner parts of the appliances, something that we can be proud of.

Our everyday hassle goes to making your kitchen time as much enjoyable, fun and quick as possible, a kitchen time that is distinguished from others. Our biggest challenge was to make appliances that are able to put a satisfactory smile on our customers’ faces and give them that sensational kitchen time that is worth spending both time and money for. we started in a beaten path, that we had no clue of, what will be in front of us, yet again we are on the same path but today it’s as clear as it can ever get and with the unmatchable support of our customers, we are happy to announce that, thanks to our delighted team at Bermuda, our journey to inspire your kitchen time has just began, and It will continue for many years to come.

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